Dallas, TX Recording Studio

We’re a Dallas, TX recording studio with a lot of heart and soul. We reside in the lower Greenville Ave district of Dallas, TX and work directly with artists, bands, and songwriters in an effort to¬†create unique and timeless music. Though we’re a great recording and mixing facility, we pride ourselves on how smooth and easy we make the recording process for our artists. If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to reach us at GreenvilleAveStudios@gmail.com.

Music Lessons

Greenville Ave Recording Studio now offers music lessons for those interested in learning guitar, piano, bass, and more. Email us directly at GreenvilleAveStudios@gmail.com.

Audio Books

We do more than just music! If you’d like to record an audio book in Dallas, let Greenville Ave Recording Studio be your destination. Audio engineer Aaron Wolpin has worked on many audio books in the past and will provide great quality and attention to detail to the sound of your audio book, sound reel, or voice over demo.

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